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  • johnamcneill
    Ironwood, Mystic, Intermont - I skied them all (luckily) when I was a kid (now 55 yrs old) 

    Only once at Intermont, it was bitterly cold and my parents never went back there.  I do remember the upside-down part.

    Learned to ski at Ironwood, it was about 5 minutes from our house in Manlius.  Went there every weekend in the late 60s.  Meander was the classic for a beginner to start on when going from "the top."  Eventually graduated to some steeper straighter-down ones.  The surface T-bar was classic.

    Mystic was the best.  My dad took the plunge for a family season pass in 1971-72 I think (I remember hearing Don McLean's "American Pie" blaring from the lodge speakers often that winter).  There was good snow and we skied A LOT and spent a lot of quality family time there, daytime on weekends and night skiing some weeknights.  You could ride the T-bar on the right (looking up from the lodge) side of the mountain, or go to the chairlift on the left side for the advanced trails.  Again a big rite of passage for an 11-year-old to ski the "big trails" with Dad!  And the way they did the season pass was you went to the window and they would staple another ticket (stamped with that day's number) to your wicket.  It was a badge of honor to let that one wicket get longer and longer as the season went on. 

    Then there was a snow drought season or two, Mystic closed (maybe the same year all three closed), and it was mostly Labrador after that.  Still pretty good but never matched the memories of Mystic.  Maybe just the time in life, who knows - shows the importance of going for it when you have the opportunity, and being lucky enough to have great ski mountains within 35 minutes of home.
    December 2016
      Wow, what stories. Sure wish these areas made it today. The Fabius/Cazenovia area sure was blessed in the 60s and 70s with multiple choices of ski areas. Today only Togg remains.

      A crying shame Mystic and Intermont didn't survive.