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FIS World Cup Women Super G from Lake Louise, Canada

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Posted: Dec 04, 2005 - 8:33 PM GMT

Austria, Austria, Austria

Austria's Alexandra Meissnitzer, Andrea Fischbacher, and Michaela Dorfmeister finished first, second, and third in the Super-G season opener. Six-time World Cup super-G winner Meissnitzer won in a time of 01:21.73, only ten one-hundredths of a second in front of 20-year-old Andrea Fischbacher.

The young Austrian looked like a possible winner as she watched 19 skiers take to the Lake Louise slope before veteran Meissnitzer overtook her.

World Cup super-G champion Dorfmeister, favourite to win, nearly missed the podium with a run down the mountain that was less than perfect. At one point she was more than one second off Meissnitzer's time, but managed to come back in the bottom section and close the gap to 80 one hundredths of a second.

Saturday's downhill winner Lindsey Kildow finished seventh to conclude her weekend, while Friday's surprise winner Elena Fanchini ended her run in 19th place. 2005 World Cup overall champion Anja Paerson continued her early season problems finishing 29th with great problems staying on the fastest line.

After finishing third on Friday and fourth in Sunday's race, Meissnitzer comes off this weekend on top of the overall World Cup standings with 210 points, followed by Dorfmeister in second with 209. Kildow is third, 25 points behind.

Eurosport - Alhan Keser - 04/12/05 Send this story


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Monday October 20, 2014
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