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Loon 2-4-2010 and 2-5-2010

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Posted: Feb 06, 2010 - 1:34 AM GMT

I go to Loon 1x per year because it is part of my Sugarloaf (aka NE Pass) pass. I would never go there on a weekend, but a weekday is a differnt story.


Large snow making effort taking place. Lowers Flume & Walking Boss had over 30 guns roaring. Speakeasy had snowmaking t2b and was closed. Every fixed fan gun that I saw was turned on. Sking thru the snowmaking was not a problem - all guns running dry and putting out that fine talcum type snow. But, trails groomed from prior days snowmakng where real hard and dissapointing. Conditions were variable even moving from trail section to trail section (upper to lower). The most consistent skiing I found was Boom Run at South Peak, although I hate the long run out on that. The wind was a bit of a factor, but nothing too serious. As they day went on, flat light plus the snow making made visability a bit of a challange.


Not as much snowmaking taking place and another day of grooming made for a better deal. The wind was still there, but it was warmer. Speakeasy was great after all that snow making and the quick grooming did not make it set up. Rumrunner was still a bit firm. I did venture into the glade (missing link I think) which leads to the east basin and it was ultra sketchy.

I don't get to ski mid week all that often - it is always a treat to do so.

Snowmaking on the lower sections of flume & walking boss

Nice view of Cannon from an empty South Peak

Tote Rd. transfer lift on the ride back from South Peak

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Friday April 18, 2014
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