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Mt Snow 2-4-10

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Amherst, NH

Posted: Feb 05, 2010 - 6:27 PM GMT

I work on the ski patrol at Crotched, and one of the perks we get is the occasional pass to Mt Snow and Attitash. So I played hookey yesterday and went skiing with a friend.

They were making snow under the Grand Summit Express, which was repaired in record time considering the failure they had on Sunday afternoon. I agree with Josh the loading conveyor really serves no purpose. At one point in the day it failed, so we actually had to walk the 8 feet to the loading area.

Conditions were mainly packed powder, with hard-pack on some of the steeper pitches. It looks like they received a few inches of snow the day before. The groomed trails were fine, the ungroomed trails had patches of fluff that made high speed cruising a bit bumpy. We skied most of the open trails on the mountain, but were too tired to ski Ripcord by the time we found it later in the day. The areas with bumps were well-covered and soft. I'm not the mogul-hound that Josh is, so I can't testify to their quality.

One thing I found surprising was the fact that there isn't 100% snowmaking. A number of the interesting trails are natural snow only, and many of them were closed. The snow report lists 76% open.

We took some runs in the terrain parks at Carinthia. Things were hopping as they were setting up for the Mountain Dew Tour this weekend. A ton of resources were being devoted to getting the place wired for sight and sound. It's going to be a zoo there this weekend. Fortunately the Carinthia base is separate from the main area, which should the madness.

Sorry, no photos. It was pretty darned cold with the wind chill.

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Monday March 02, 2015
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