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Plattekill 1/17/10

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Member Since:
Jul 06, 2005

Posts: 606

Brooklyn, NY

Posted: Jan 19, 2010 - 5:37 AM GMT

They were 100% open. Cars were parked a ways down the access road by mid morning, but the lift lines were never longer than 3 minutes. We occasionally shared a slope with more than a couple skiers, but those times were rare. The beginner slope did look a bit crowded.

Started the day on the triple. The S (Sundown), Chute, and Face were a bit hard, so we went to the double.

Started on Ridgeline to Cliffs. There were a few brown spots, but there was complete coverage and the snow was soft packed powder.

Spent the remainder of the day pretty much doing laps on The Plunge, Freefall and Blockbuster. We were averaging 10 minutes per lap. My quads are still burning, and I'm still smiling.

They had groomed skiers right of the Plunge. It appears that they had made snow on it from the hydrants on Northface. Snow coverage was quite good. Skier's left, under the chair had bumped up a bit. The bumps were well spaced, soft and were a great medium height. As the day wore on, the whole trail began to bump up.

Freefall was all natural, and wasn't groomed. There were some brown spots on the top, and (mowed) shoots of vegetation were sticking up at the top, and at the dropoff about a third of the way down. The run hadn't been groomed and had bumped up. Again soft, well spaced, and well sized. It was a lot of fun.

Bumps, the trail from the double to Blockbuster is one of my all time favorite trails to tuck and bomb. It was running fast, and we got a lot of air at the drop offs.

Ok, I'm a traditionalist. When I had heard they had made snow, I was hesitant. When we got there we immediately noticed three things things: There were some pretty big snowmaking whales to skier's right. They looked hard and slick. My guess is that they won't be broken up. Second, they mowed the freakin' grass! There were two sections of Blockbuster where it was an early season rite of passage to ski through waist high vegetation. Sick..yeah, but one of the things you did at Platty. By mid season it gets tamped down. I don't know who bought the weed whacker, but thank you. Third was a boarder and a skier warning us not to go down. They told of a great wall of ice, stretching from trail edge to trail edge, as long as the trail was wide. It knew no mercy and any slider that ventured near would suffer the fate of the face plant. We smiled at them, said, "That's our Blockbuster" and went down through some bumps on skier's left. (We were cautious). To skier's left was a bumped up run that was similar to Freefall but with more snow. About two thirds of the way down, we saw the dragon. On the downhill side of one of the whales was the biggest sheets of boilerplate ice that I had ever seen. It would not have been pretty for anyone to have hit it. We avoided it for that run, and the next six runs.

We decided to come in at 3:30 when freezing rain began to fall. The rain turned to snow and they added 2" - 3" that night. We had to head home so we missed it.

Great conditions, great weather, great crowd, great day!

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Member Since:
May 22, 2004

Posts: 637


Posted: Jan 19, 2010 - 6:25 PM GMT

Did they do anything with all the rocks they have there?

Went to Plattekill once, about five years ago, turned a decent pair of skis to junk.

Unavoidable rocks everywhere, not a pleasant experience.


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Member Since:
Jul 06, 2005

Posts: 606

Brooklyn, NY

Posted: Jan 20, 2010 - 1:21 AM GMT

The snowmaking has really improved this year. There were some rocks, but most were pretty well covered. By the end of the day a few more were kicked up.

I actually did more base damage in the Belleayre glades on Saturday than at Plattekill on Sunday.

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Wednesday May 06, 2015
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