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Sunday River 1/16-1/18/10

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Boston area

Posted: Jan 19, 2010 - 1:55 AM GMT

Not too bad a weekend at all. SR never disappoints with snow. Sat & Sun were nice, ice here and there but good snow cover. Started snowing early Mon morning, through most of the day. Nice powder on just about everything. The Last Tango glade was very fun, and I cut through the woods from 3 Mile to Lazy river. The knee deep snow in there was niiiice. Late Sunday I skied Goat's Path for the first time. I like that kind of narrow trails. Lots of exposed rock on there, but I came out unscathed. I even skied Oz for the first time, which was pretty fun.
Nice trails:
Last Tango
Lazy River
White Heat
Starlight park
Lost Pricess
Quantum Leap

The only problem I have with this mountain is the amount of skating it takes to get anywhere, especially in Jordan. Kansas is as flat as the name suggests. They really should have extended the double just a little closer to the HSQ. Also, the Chondola is very nice and fast, but Grand Rapids, Lower Amex, and Lower Risky Business are to be avoided.

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Tuesday April 21, 2015
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