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Ragged 1/18/2009

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Member Since:
Feb 15, 2006

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Worcester, MA

Posted: Jan 19, 2009 - 1:40 AM GMT

I hadn't been to Ragged since a high school ski trip that I barely remember. We had free tickets from the Boston ski show, so off we went. Best day of the season so far, what else can you want besides 8" of new snow and a bunch of trees?

The Mountain
Arrived 8:30. Parked about 200' from the ticket window. Listing 33 trails open (although the dots on their site only count 30). More or less accurate I guess. A couple small connector trails (Cemetary Gates?) were closed around the summit, as were most of the glades... at first... more on that later. Nice layout, 2 peaks without the annoying transfer trails of an Attitash. Lots of marked glades. Like percentage wise, almost Jay Peak lots. I don't get why they would remove the lift that obviously used to be on the Wild Side terrain park...I want to watch! Speaking of Wild Side, I didn't see much of it myself -- only what's visible from Raggae Glades -- but the people using it apparently thought it was OMG TEH AWESOME or something.

The Snow
Powder. Lots of it. Not lots of people. As good as it gets, basically. Started off on Spear where Cardigan was a fun warm up, but too slow for the boarders in the group. Flying Yankee wins the prize. Rolling cruiser, snow cresting at your knees, awesome. Showboat was nominally open but not worth the time. Raggae Glades -- well, they could have left a FEW more trees and still called it blue -- were fun early but tracked out by lunch. Had the insane good luck to be getting off the 6pack as they dropped the rope on Rags to Riches. It probably could have used another 6" of snow (the odd branch/stump/etc right at the surface), but damn, what a ride. We rode in the trees until the snow was done and then on the main face before we left. I am extremely impressed by the tree skiing, and the fact that they are encouraging it. I'm thinking of bringing some of my advancing-intermediate friends back to get them used to the idea before our next CO trip.

The Crowd
Some kind of giant kids race going on. Lots of families, daytrippers from Boston, people with cabins in the area. A good sprinkling of telemarkers, old guys with big wild beards, etc. Cool. Very laid back, friendly vibe. The employees were very nice, everyone seemed in a good mood.

The Discovery Center
Please visit the Ragged Discovery Center, where you can discover things like:
  • What types of condos will be built at Ragged
  • What the various condo floor plans will be
  • The amenities the Club Lodge will offer
  • Wouldn't you like to become the owner of a condo at Ragged?
  • You would be surprised at how affordable they are
  • Did we mention there will be an outdoor heated pool at the Club Lodge? It will be located near the condos.
  • Also there will be condos.

    That trail's no good, there's too much snow on it... I almost got DQ'd because they saw me ski through the trees... I don't think of it as ski school, it's a 3 hour vacation from my kids... Get everyone over to Flying Yankee, it's unbelievable... We can stop somewhere on the way home, somewhere really good, like Applebee's... I don't get why everyone's loving it, all these trails need to be groomed...

  • ragged employee
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    Member Since:
    Aug 04, 2007

    Posts: 43


    Posted: Jan 19, 2009 - 4:36 PM GMT

    Thanks for the report
    Just to let you all know Ragged is doing $10 lift tickets tomorrow in support of our new president. Come to the ticket window tell us you voted for Obama and you're skiing for $10
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    Member Since:
    Nov 09, 2003

    Posts: 862

    West Dover VT

    Posted: Jan 19, 2009 - 9:46 PM GMT

    How much for McCain vote?

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    Tuesday May 05, 2015
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