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Small Break for the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Member Since:
Feb 21, 2005

Posts: 2087

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Posted: Jan 06, 2007 - 2:20 PM GMT
Edited: Jan 06, 2007 - 2:22 PM GMT

A colder stretch of weather will move into the Mid-Atlantic Region of PA-WV-VA early next week. Snowshoe WV should have good snowmaking weather and even receive some genuine, natural snow.

They have about 40% of their trails open.

Wisp in MD also looks promising. Friends and I had a surprisingly good skiing day there this past Wednesday (January 3). Report with pics forthcoming.

No snow is predicted for the area around Whitetail PA but the temperatures will get colder.

The same is true for Bryce, Massanutten and Wintergreen in VA.

Whitetail, Liberty and Roundtop are closed this weekend (January 6-7). Massanutten appears to be closed as well. Wintergreen and Bryce are down to their beginnersí slopes and one run from the top of one chairlift. Bummer. However, their PR folks are all hopeful for next week. My guess is that the PA-VA ski areas will make snow this coming Tuesday and Wednesday nights in preparation for the weekend.

Bottom line: Thursday looks like the best day for skiing in the Mid-Atlantic next week. Wisp and Snowshoe should be in good (i.e., the-glass-is-half-full good) shape. Areas in VA and PA will probably have limited skiing or be closed until next weekend. Warmer weather returns on Friday, but weekend skiing should be better than the miserable conditions we have now.

Carpe Ski-em!

(Edited to correct URLs)

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
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Member Since:
Aug 27, 2004

Posts: 1312

Wash DC area

Posted: Jan 06, 2007 - 4:38 PM GMT
Edited: Jan 06, 2007 - 4:40 PM GMT

Way to THINK SNOW Woody. I assume this colder trend will hit the whole East Coast. Today is crazy warm in DC, where along with the rest of Eastern US we've had about 28 straight days of above average daily high temps, many well above avg. Today's high will be about 30 degs above avg, around low to mid 70s. At this point even just a couple nights here and there of good snowmaking temps will be much appreciated.
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Member Since:
Nov 09, 2003

Posts: 862

West Dover VT

Posted: Jan 06, 2007 - 5:50 PM GMT

My position here is that it is going to take a good 3 days for all areas to get back in shape after this warm spell. From snowmaking to grooming it takes time. I would say the later part of next week will bring things back up to snuff. this sucks!

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Sunday April 19, 2015
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