Tenney Mountain Update (OPEN FOR SKIING!!!)



  • TENNEY - Load Test Continued

    Eclipse / Load Test / Max Velocity

    This clip shows a live and fully loaded (32.5k pounds) lift in full bypass mode to allow the lift to reach maximum velocity which will auto engaged mechanical braking systems...

    If you're wondering how fast backwards that is, it's about 350 feet per minute before mechanical braking was applied.

    You typically operate at 425 feet per minute in the forward direction.

    With the new V/AC drive motor - the Eclipse can achieve speeds up to 550 feet per minute, maximum design speed BUT a pain to load you fine folks at that speed... "ouch", the back of my legs hurt thinking about catching a chair at that speed!

    Another task successfully completed! Oh, and take special notice the excitement in Tim Pfister's voice - his team has put in the whole summer working here and hundreds of hours on this lift just to get the sweet satisfaction of seeing 16 Tons coming to a safe and controlled stop! A very special thank you and congratulations to TEAM Pfister for an outstanding job!

    But wait... There's still more test to come...

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Load Test Continued

    This test demonstrated that the mechanical emergency braking system can handle the fully loaded lift at 110% capacity with zero issues!

    This would only be needed in the event of a total gearbox or drive motor failure...

    Task completed, next!

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Load Test Continued

    Eclipse / Load Test v/AC Braking

    Again, roll back test bypassing mechanicals and using the new v/AC drive motor for braking...

    Lift is still fully loaded at 110% capacity still simulating maximum personal load.

    Remember, while all these test are being conducted, they are individually explain and agreed upon by the PE Ross Stevens and the NH Department of Safety, Division of Tramway and Amusement Ride Safety. Each test is conducted and then compare to the original engineering specs and tweaked if out of spec and run again.

    Long day but years in the making!

    Another task successfully completed. What's next?

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Load Test Continued

    Eclipse / Load Test / Completed

    TENNEY has just changed its
    "Defunctional Status"
    to a
    "Functional Status"!

    The Eclipse is fully Registered with the State now and we are onto the next Main Lift (The Hornet)!

    The video shows final paperwork being prepared by NH State Officials.

    And a few final test process and procedures like the gentle and delicate task of assisting simulated people off the lift at 02:33 in the morning may need some tweaking. But no worries, I have many supports to explain how this should work! lol

    And thank you all for watching and commenting and your continual awesome positive reinforcement and support.

    This TEAM appreciates every comment and all feedback and this is why we will be a great mountain again, because of you!

    Good night from all of us at TEAM TENNEY!

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Today TENNEY Mountain awakens as a proud member of the ski community once again.

    The first of 4 lifts (Eclipse) has been re-registered and fully inspected by the NH Department of Safety, Tramway and Amusement Rides Division.

    It's been a long 4.5 years in the making and a very rough and bumpy summer,,, setbacks that almost destroyed our dreams BUT tonight, we have met a very significant milestone and that is, we - TENNEY Mountain, is now off the list of Defunctional / Abandoned Ski Mountains!

    And we are all very proud and appreciative of all the support you have given us to get here!

    Congratulations to all of us for such an awesome TEAM effort and thank you for making us ALWAYS feel like a part of this community.

    Now get ready to hit the slopes of TENNEY, and be a part of history in the making...
    - Sam
  • Just saw: the Eclipse triple chair has been certified and Tenney is now officially off the defunct/abandoned ski area list.

    Congratulations, Tenney!!! Welcome back!!!
  • Very nice that it all went off without a hitch. Can't wait to check it out this winter.
  • Very nice that it all went off without a hitch. Can't wait to check it out this winter.

    Same here!
  • Awesome! Best of luck Tenney!
  • The Eclipse is fully Registered with the State now and we are onto the next Main Lift (The Hornet)!

    If I recall the triple was done first because the snowmaking system in its pod was worked on first, or the Hornet doesn't have snowmaking in its pod. That makes sense. Hopefully the Hornet will also pass inspection. From my one trip 25 yrs.ago, I remember that the Hornet has some fun and challenging terrain.

  • I think the still have to do all the analog to digital work on the Hornet that was done to Eclipse. IE it's going to be a while. Not that winter seems in a rush to start, ugh.
  • Yes the weather is giving them more work time. Of course they're not getting any income.
  • I look forward to skiing again at Tenney. For several years it was a regular stop for us on our weekend journeys.
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Chair Retrofit

    Continuing taking advantage of the negative warm weather, John.K and team striped 128 chairs of their damaged or questionable chair slats.

    Replacing each one with temporary wood strapping till next season when we can replace each and every chair with hi-quality Red Oak being provided by John Russo's Custom Kitchens...

    Again, a perfect example of safety first here at TEAM TENNEY...

    - Sam
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse / Chair Inspection and Slat Replacement

    So it's Christmas Eve and the team still has 17 chairs left and none of them want to leave till the mission is complete! What a dedicate group team however I ordered them to stop and go home to family and friends!!!

    Anyways have a great Christmas all and we'll be back online Saturday morning.

    - Sam
  • It's been kind of quiet on their FB page...I wonder what is happening there?     
  • Air problems last I heard.
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    Something with the state shutting down permanent diesel generators/compressors unless meeting modern emission standards.  For the short term, they're doing something to make them "portable".  For the long term plans, they've said something about getting new electric compressors.

    HKD still hasn't come by to do some air test for nozzle sizing or some other reason.  And I don't think they have their shipment of HKDs yet.  Or at least if either happened, they didn't publicize it like everything else.

    It seems day by day they find their snowmaking plant is in worse and worse shape across the mountain.  He posted a video of a foot-long crack found in one pipe on Trillium.  

    If there's any blessings of their delays:  they haven't lost money blowing snow to have it immediately melt like their peers.
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    Link didn't work for me but I found it on their Facebook:

    Tl;dr: compressor regs, Eclipse just needs signs, Hornet to get comm line starting next week and load test down the line, lodge done except for kitchen floor, water bars nearly done, "business decision" aka snowgun issue

    Free ski day as promised they passed 7000 likes by New Years (have over 8000 now), limited skiing off Eclipse + tubing unless there's a dump for Hornet (IIRC pipes don't go to the top...wtf!) should be open in a few weeks
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    I'm piecing together tidbits from various videos that the business decision issue is over snowguns. Mike has said in the past something about deciding exact guns, that HKD was surveying for tower placements, there was post hole drilling for tower mounts. And with the state of the electrical transformer in that video, there may not be enough service for their initial plan of 75% or so fan guns (or the cost of fans were too much either overall or for this season with the soft opening) which could explain the relative about face with diesel compressors. This is the only subject Mike's been elusive about.

    I'd love to go especially for the free day. Stupid broken leg... grumble grumble grumble
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    Based on my limited conversations with him and own experience: he is not going to widen trails and with the current layout only the base area could really utilize fans so he is going majority air/water with some fans in large acreage areas.

    He's trading in the old guns with the coop for electric credit.

    DEP is giving him issues with his stationary Cummins compressors AND water pumps (same engine.) They are notorious for oil in the air/water.

    I suspect the business decision lies somewhere in the later two items.

    All electric pumps and compressors next year.
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Eclipse Lift / Chair Padding

    What a fun job this is because it indoors!

    Part of the team is here with Mr. Hank Binney stripping and replacing all the tie down straps and the hand cleaning each pad in a soft non detergent solution...

    After this task is completed, the pads will be brought back over to the eclipse for final install which that effort will be posted over the next few days...

    - Sam
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    The guns are blowing at Tenney!!!! So excited and happy for them as well as the town of Plymouth! Their mountain is back!!!
  • TENNEY - Progress Update

    Tubing Park / Making Snow

    I couldn't wait to get this post up!

    After 6 years, TENNEY is making snow once again!

    This effort was 100% coordinated by Mr. Tim Pfister with a very special thanks to his employee Shawn along with Hank Binney who pushed the rest of us including John.K and Mike.M

    After a few bursting hoses and hard wiring this unit in because someone misplaced all our Hubble Marine connectors - the unit came to life just before dust. Sure it was a big deal to the TEAM getting this first gun on line and seeing the desert of snow it made.

    Sam Hall once said, we are snow farming up at TENNEY, that's what we do... And today, we as a small new group are proud to be snow farming for all to enjoy once a again...

    - Sam
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  • TENNEY - progress Update

    For all lifts / Safety Signage

    Today the safety signage finally came in... Here is a sample of some of the signage - most of you recognize the traditional safety warnings...

    I can't stand scrap wood with cheesy craft-shop type stencilling! Don't get me wrong, stencilling is great when applied per mil-spec (military-specifications)! However I choose to go with clear, well articulated, reflective backing on heavy aluminium.

    It's adds a level of visual quality like everything else we have been doing up here and again, you can't put a price on safety.

    This was one of the last few tweaks we needed to complete (in addition to fencing and process / evacuation reviews) to satisfy the NH State Safety Tramway requirements...

    - Sam
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