Blue Hills Ski Area

Stopped by Blue Hills in Canton MA last night and I was impressed with their snow position pre arrival of the blow torch. Every trail was open and I couldn’t find the usual ice, dirt or rock. Even Bears Bluff was open which is unusual. Thus to say conditions were good. Last year they upgraded the positioning of their magic carpets which appears to have created some truly beginner area. The were kids 2 years old out there last night. If you commute in the area south of Boston, I would recommend skiing at Blue Hills on the way home after work. Two hours there makes the commute painless.


  • I have a pass there and hit it up at least a few times a week for a couple hours at a time.  Great to get my ski fix.

    The new pumphouse they put in last year makes a world of difference.  They can blow a ton of snow now and the bases are deep.  The core trails Big Blue and Patriots have real deep bases right now.  They do a good job a getting a lot of snow on those trails to handle warm ups like we just have.  Then they move onto the other trails.   

    Beers Bluff must be part of their standard snow making now because it has been open the past two years with snowmaking.  Rumor has it they are considering putting pipe on Sonya in the future to take care of their last remaining natural snow trail.
  • Stopped by today for a few runs.  They have recovered nicely.  All trails were silky smooth packed powder.  No dirt spots on any of the trails and the bases remain deep.  They made snow the past few nights and the groomers did a great job smoothing things out.  It looks like they were going to start working on putting the terrain park back together today.   
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