No ( or low) DEBT Ski Areas

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While talking to a aged lady ski patroller at Caberfae yesterday she said the Meyer family( owners) have the one year old Doppylmayr triple paid for.(1.5mill I believe) I know the family has owned Caberfae since 1981. She said they will put in a lift(not sure New or used in the backcountry ( formerly open) by 2020 and be paid for. Linda in the office said there are intentions to build or bulldoze another peak in the backcountry higher than the current north and south peaks. I would love ( and Ted also) to see this come to fruition. The patroller said the Meyers love what they do and so does she. I saw the same lifty yesterday I have seen for years. Ted said Arlo? The bartender has been there for yrs.

What area( any ski area) is debt free(know or trusted hearsay) or owes very little and has had the same ownership for at least shall we say twenty years?


  • I recognized at least 5 different people and two of them remembered Megan and myself and welcomed us back for another season of skiing. The Meyer family must treat their employees well
  • I can't say with absolute certainty because I don't have that level of inside information, but I have heard that Alta has always run in an essentially debt-free manner.  I also believe that the ski lift company has been in the same family (or families, I think there were several) since its inception 80 years ago.  Obviously, there are more people with an ownership interest now, but I don't think that there are any who don't have some family relationship to the original founders.

  • I believe Mad River Glen has little debt.
  • Ski Cooper, CO operates 100% debt-free. Any and all capital improvements are made out of retained earnings. 
  • Bridger Bowl, MT.
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