What is Ski Resort?

What ski resort is this?


  • Horseshoe Resort, Ontario, CN
  • khowley said:

    Horseshoe Resort, Ontario, CN

    Wow, you got it, you are quick!
    Do you think that's a skier near the top of the ramp?
  • Ski resort is place to stay with ski trails.
  • mapnut said:

    Ski resort is place to stay with ski trails.

    It was this ropesways article and photo that I thought would be an unusual "What ski area/resort?" The one I posted was from Horseshoe's site. You can see their trails and lifts (inc. HSQ) on their site.

    ropeways.net | Home | 2017-10-11

    Horseshoe Resort Invests One Million
    Dollars in Snowmaking Improvements



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    I think he means the thread title reads like some kind of reverse Jeopardy! question   ;)

    looks like a fun family resort, is the skiing any good?

  • Thanks. I posted it because of the ramp/slide - unique. The ski area looks small despite having a HSQ.
  • Horseshoe not small. Horseshoe have 7 lift, 30 trail, much condo.
  • And it's located near Orillia, which is Gordon Lightfoot's home town.  So that's pretty cool

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