Welcome to the NEW, but still RETRO, Magic.
Thanks to all for their support of the purchase of this iconic throwback ski area gem by SKI MAGIC LLC just two weeks ago.
have a big week ahead to determine if we can get open by December
17th, as we'd like to do. STEP 1: Snowmaking. New snowmaking machines
were installed on the mountain--HKD Impulse 30' towers on all of
Talisman steeps and on strategic locations at Trick/Magic Carpet
intersection and Medium/Magic Carpet intersection! Then Monday-Thursday
we will be installing new and refurbished pump motors in our main Pump
House to give Magic more long-term snowmaking horsepower while
connecting our new Variable Frequency Drives to improve the efficiency
and control of our horsepower/water output. Our lake pump and new
motor/VFD will also be installed this week. So significant capital
investment in upgrading the snowmaking system should be ready for
testing and then production by late week. That will gives about a week
if we get cold temps (looking good right now) to get Magic a way down
from the top. Hopefully mother-nature gives us an assist there with
natural snow as well.
2: Lifts. Our work-horse Red Chair Lift has been undergoing
maintenance for weeks and had its final line check last week prior to
state inspection. Because of the diligence of our efforts, we found two
assemblies that need to be repaired. Parts were quickly ordered for
manufacture over this weekend and will be air-freighted overnight from
the west coast Monday arriving here Tuesday. Every day counts with
Opening Day on the 17th so no expense is being spared and if all goes
well the Red Chair should be ready if snowmaking and weather cooperate.
Now, the extra work on Red Chair this week, means that Black Chair work
gets pushed back a bit. Still working to have it ready before the end
of December.
will continue to keep you posted, but every one at SKI MAGIC is
busting their behinds to get this special ski area open as early as
possible without sacrificing our commitment to safety and doing things
right--no shortcuts! In addition, much work is being done on the
lodge, so you may see some changes when you get here!
To read more about the purchase by our SKI MAGIC group, click "Read More".
Really stoked for Magic! - Geoff