Where are you skiing or boarding next during the spring season April till when ever it ends.



  • ski_itski_it expert
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    If Remski is throwing in the towel, then damn it, so am I!
    Springtime family commitments; Easter, weddings, birthdays; has effectively ended my season. C'est la vie.
    Just checked out the Wildcat summit cam, some poor guy is sitting at the picnic table in the fog with no snow in sight.
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  • RemskiRemski advanced
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    I'm heading to Killington this weekend most likely Sunday.
  • mtsnow123mtsnow123 advanced
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    Stowe this weekend for their closing weekend. Sugarbush until their lifts stop spinning. Then some hiking up Bolton to hit the "patches". I will probably make it down to Killington sometime next month for some Superstar fun. I might fit in a Tuckerman's trip next month as well.
  • joshua_segaljoshua_segal expert
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    I anticipate between 5 and 10 more days at Killington before they shut down.  That should get my cost down to about $15 per day on my Spring-fling pass!
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