Ski areas no longer on Liftopia

Seeing some areas no longer on Liftopia - such as Killington, Sunapee. I'm sure this is due to all of the new passes. Kind of a a shame, as could always get a good deal there.


  • I'd bet a lot of it is from switching to RFID, which they want you to reload online, on the mountains site, so they don't have to share the money, and theoretically would need less labor at the ticket windows.
  • It's also possible that they increased their percentage of the price.
  • I'm sure a lot of folks who formerly bought a number of tickets off liftopia have now switched to MCP, IKON, EPIC, etc. I believe liftopia was a key player in bringing MCP into being with the participating resorts. I would be curious to know what is the biggest source of revenue for liftopia at this point? I believe they also provide online ticket buying software for that function on many ski resorts websites.
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