Cockaigne, NY NOT reopening this year

They worked hard, but there was so much work to do on the ski area and a new lodge that it won't be finished this year:

We are disappointed and heartbroken to say that we will not be opening for the 2018/2019 Skiing & Snowboarding Season.

Despite a lot of hard work and investment, we are not able to get slope lighting and lifts operational. There have been many people involved to this point, however, the scope of work that needs to be done on the slopes has grown significantly and is beyond the point that we can complete prior to this season.

That being said, this is NOT how our story ends. Our focus is on completion of the lodge and serving the community with a place to stop for food, drinks, and the family-friendly atmosphere that Cockaigne Resort strives for.

Keep checking the website and social media as we look at potential snow-sport events and activities for this season. We are not giving up, we hope you don’t either!

Cockaigne Website


  • That does suck---hope they keep going for next year.
    "Making ski films is being irresponsible with other people's money, in a responsible sort of way..." 
    Greg Stump
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    This! It takes so much to revive and run a ski area. The idea here is should be longevity. Take the time to do things the right way in a cost effective manner. I only wish them good luck (and lots of snow) in this righteous endeavor.
  • There were a lot of doubts about Tenney a few years ago. But the lifts did spin last year and people skied there. I know still isn't 100%, but they are getting there. One can only hope that Cockaigne can do the same.
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