700 Hours of Skiing Coverage - NBC Sports adds ‘Snow Pass’ to its hyper-specific streaming options

NBC Sports announced "Snow Pass" today, which is the latest in hyper-specific sports streaming packages on NBC Sports Gold. Snow Pass includes over 700 hours of live coverage for seven winter sports: alpine skiing, nordic combined, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, biathlon and snowboarding. The new streaming options is available now for $69.99. The pass runs through April 2019, but it's only available in the US.



  • I may have to get this
  • Already paying a king's ransom for cable & internet (Service Electric has a monopoly in my town) and, not enough hours in a week. But, if circumstances kept me inside all winter, I'd buy it.

  • I may have to get this. Are you shut out of watching FIS WC skiing in the USA, if you don't get this?
  • Found the schedule, can't say the gold thing is all that necessary for anyone but the most rabid fan...looks to me like Kitzbuehl, for example, will have the training DH on this pay stream but the main event on NBCSN.

    Soelden, Semmering, Flachau, and St Anton seem to be the only events that are limited strictly to this new service.,

    Doesn't seem necessary at all, schedule is at the bottom of this page

  • I am thinking of getting it. I dont get the Olympic Channel. So, without the goldpass, I would be missing about half the races. I would only be able to watch those races broadcast on regular NBC or NBCSN.
  • Seems to me like it's just another bait-and-switch from cable providers. We are already paying the way to much and now they are starting again to slowly take something away that you already have and asking you to buy another package to get it back.
  • I don't think this is the cable provider, I think this is the content owner? Not 100% sure. I will agree that the cable providers charge usurious fees for their service -- especially when your provider has no competition.

  • I went for it and it paid off immediately with a rainy Saturday afternoon spent watching the replay of Soelden GS with my daughter. We were psyched for a repeat on Sunday but the men's race was cancelled. I think the on demand replay is the key.
  • I got it too and agree about the on demand replays.
  • So basicly you can watch race anytime YOU'RE ready?

    Kinda like the HOPPER which we do not get w dish after being a customer 20 or more years and $2000 a year!

    Don't get me going Rick, COMPLETE SIGNAL LOSS
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