What's up at Bluemont?

ADKSkier's thread mentioning Bluemont had me double check their Google Earth image - and from 2013-2016, it went from being overgrown, to having all trails cleared and a whole new side of the mountain cleared as well. Anybody have any news on this one? Didn't find much in any searches.





  • I just saw we had a threat on this in 2015 - but the image above are new. Looks like some kind of resort was going to be developed but nothing new.
  • Bluemont has had several potential investors since the early 90s wanting to build out the resort. I have not seen anything in the news though, and the trail clearing is recent. I think the area is owned by a parent company in Colorado and there were rumors of development back in 2016 bad that's all been hushed up. Not sure whats up will have to take a drive out only 2 hours from me.
  • Most recent write up I could find only spent 15 or so minutes looking.

    Springville Times
  • Got some friends that live in the neighborhood. They report absolutely no rumors whatsoever about anything happening there so it could just be the current owner (?) doing some clearing.

    On to good news though!!!!

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