Skiing some of the smaller Quebec areas

Last year we had the chance to ski 8 areas near Saint Sauveur - all of which we enjoyed. They were in the 400-750' vertical range, just big enough for a full day of skiing and exploration. Some we may never get back to, mainly due to time, but others I would definitely ski again.

There are a lot of Quebec areas within 3 hours of the US boarder of NY/VT/ME. Excluding the well known ones like Le Massif/Tremblant/St. Anne/Sutton/Orford/Owls Head/Bromont, have any of you skied some of these areas? Like Adstock, Apic, Bellevue, Val Mauricie, Baie de Sables, Gleason, Saint-Bruno?

This winter we may use the inlaws house in Newport, VT as a base and hit up some of these areas, regardless of how small they are. Quite a few are T-bar only!



  • Farther afield, but Val d'Irene in the Gaspe is really fun. ABout 600 vert, tons of snow in most years. Wide variety of terrain. Would be a long drive from Newport but a fun place
  • You MUST visit the t-bar only places! I’m itching to see a Samson make in operation.
  • Went to Adstock and Gleason 2 years ago. Adstock had some challenging stuff, really enjoyed that mountain. Was a spring skiing type day, lots of soft bumps. Be sure to bring a extra baseball hat to leave on one of their hat fences (I'll try to find a pic).

    Gleason was fun too, very small though. Worked out well for us, skied there til about noon then drove home to NJ.
  • A few years ago while driving on the road from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant (we were driving up from Rhode Island) I noticed 5 or 6 very interesting looking, relatively small ski areas right along the highway. I was with a group of friends and we had reservations at Mont-Tremblant, so stopping and skiing one of these areas was not really an option. However, I thought that it would be a great place to come ski for week or so in the future as the ski areas and the area in general had a nice comfortable feeling. From what I could see, these ski areas would probably be appealing to many SJ members.
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