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We're having some troubles getting the automatic registration to work. Thank your friendly neighborhood content spam bots for this mess. Meanwhile, if you'd like to join us, please send me an e-mail -- let me know the user name you'd like to have (with a second and third choice just in case) and we'll have you up and running in a day or so.
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  • I am still having issues with my password. Almost every time I login it doesn't work and I need to reset it.
  • Sorry for the trouble. what browser are you using? have you tried clearing cache, deleting the browser-stored password, etc? Also uncheck the "remember me" box after doing all that. If you've done that and nothing works, please let me know -- note new email, simply
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  • Admin-- what happened? It's been dark for a few days here in Vermont.
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  • Received an email from our admin saying, "Just a heads-up, host service is having some serious hardware issues. they hope to have us back up soon."

    Perhaps we need an FB page as a communications alternative in case this happens again.
  • It has taken a couple of days. Here is what JaguarPC said happened, for anyone who's interested....

    First, we're sorry about this. I wanted to hop in here to provide some updates and information on this especially after that ddos comment. Notices were sent out to all the affected servers and while this is a tiny fraction of servers on our network, it is still an abnormally large amount of machines to be affected at once. All of these servers are part of a much larger Cloud environment. That Cloud has run for 5 years without a hardware failure induced incident. To clarify it has certainly had parts fail, anything with electricity and heat will fail. But what normally happens is our techs get alerts through our software and normal processes, we replace the parts, and nobody knows anything has happened. Performance is almost never degraded. Again this Cloud has 100% uptime for 5 years, but that doesn't mean each environment in the Cloud may have had its own issues or updates in that time. The hardware and Cloud itself has not been down....until now.

    A bug in the software and normal processes failed to alert us until a Raid50 and Raid10 environment was gone from one failure too many. This is so rare on a Cloud system, this is the first time we have seen this in 5 years. So a large cloud with several server environments physically failed. We had to rebuild it with newer faster drives and start our backup procedures. Yes, we back everything up. That's just a lot of data to move and even 10TB can only go so fast, and because this is several virtual systems each has to fsck, be checked for accuracy and other things. It's a grueling process.

    Obviously we're not happy with this event and our clients have every right to be angry, because we are. We sent out notices and have updated our status sections regularly. Naturally people have been calling in and chatting as well. The whole process is nearly complete. We moved some clients across to Houston and others on a new SSD based Cloud with greater fault tolerance and different software. I'm writing up an RFP for this event to send out along with information on how to claim your downtime credit, the free SSD cloud upgrade we gave everyone, and the free upgrade to the next level plan for all those affected that we are about to implement.

    Sorry guys, we know how bad this is.
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  • Thanks for the explanation and the fix. Wwwaayyyy over my head but appreciate it.
  • Any way to make it easier to post pictures? I know the new format makes it a lot harder for me to post trip reports, and I also know it has also led to many people not posting trip reports on here at all anymore.
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  • Especially since Win 10 pic viewer stinks to resize pics. The old Pic Manager was so much better at it and other functions as well
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  • problems with photos. FWIW desktop works better than mobile. Working to resolve.
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  • OK did a fix. May need to wait for your cache to clear before the new config will be in effect.
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  • I don’t know how to clear my local cache on my phone but looks like that didn’t work.
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