Snowfarmers. A movie about snowmaking at Plattekill

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NYSkiblog is featuring a post about a movie about snowmaking at Plattekill that was filmed during the 2016-2017 season.   The movie just came out and the blog post features an interview with the film makers.  I think that both the movie and the interview are great and think most people here will feel the same way. The movie is embedded at the end of the blog post and has super HD quality filming.


  • pretty awesome!
  • Heart and soul

    A new appreciation for Lazlo and co

    Ted and I are long term planning for Platty and Gore( and maybe others) a couple/ few years down the road
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    Make it sooner than later so I’m still on skis. I never realized how doable that is at 3:20 away. Might recommend this place?? See pic for a sample, or website for all the rooms. Or Marc offered this as a possibility for lodging: Check in at the Roxbury image
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  • I just watched the movie. I have met Lazlo and been to Plattekill many times with skis and the bike. The movie didntn't show much of anything about mountain ops or running a ski area. It did show snowmakers doing a belt of booze and the foreman smoking a but in the cat. I already knew that happens.
  • I wasn't really intended to be about mountain ops. Sounds like you didn't get much out of it. I thought it was beautiful, watched it maybe 10x. Disclaimer, I am not objective on the topic of Plattekill. Love that place. Thanks for posting the link marcski.
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