Bittersweet Mich 2/10/18 Ciscokid + 2 grandsons

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Had a good day with great snow with 2 grandsons at a very busy ski area near Kalamazoo, about 10 miles north of Timber Ridge from last week. Although my white gold card included my ticket the boys were $46 each( 7+10 yrs old) plus Brendan's board rental of $27 for a total $119. Tyler grew into Brendan's orangevTechnica's and moved up to the 127s and he had no problem.
Started out getting a pic of my favorite Hall gothic chairs in good use


We moved from the Beginner triple over to the Hall double and the Hall triple. The high speed Poma quad had a 5-10 wait all day but they opened up every lift. I think there were more people here than Timber Ridge, Cannonsburg and Caberfae combined.
3 Hall triples all 1982 installs,( yr they opened)2 Hall doubles, the HS Poma quad (2000)a Riblet triple, and a few rope tows of which one was faster than the high speed quad.
Good to see a ski area thriving, but I don't know if I will ever be back on a Saturday. It was good to be back skiing with the little guys. Lots of powder along the edges. They ever had a nice little mogul bump area next to the fast rope. Of course the boys slept all the way home of a 60 mile ride.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
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  • ciscokid said:


    I am sure these are old Mt Holly chairs
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    I am sure they are too Ted. For what I spent f for a day here yesterday at Bittersweet I could have got a season weekend pass at Caberfae,well I guess the people will pay the price .it must be affordable because I have never seen this at ski area so crowded in a long long time. It seems to be a very good intermediate hang out. Nothing to really challenge experts except that little short bump run . I was going through the parks with the boys so Brendan could go over some jumps and all the young people were getting all the jibs, Rails and what not so they were enjoying themselves, that's what matters.

    Like Conrad mentioned, I too would maybe some day like to try Holly and according to skibum/skiernet/ gondyline Alpine Valley looks like a similar product. Maybe I should come down for a visit Ted and hit all the metro Detroit areas in a day with my white gold card.

    Brendan said he wished Caberfae had more park jumps, the only ones are on Shelter.
  • Alpine is similar to Holly in size. I have been to Apline once over 20 years ago and nothing has changed there. Megan went on a Friday night once and said it was icy with chunks of snow and went to Holly the next day the snow was great. The snow guns Holly uses has a nozzle that they have a patten on and it’s the same gun they use at Bittersweet. I have always been impressed with Holly’s man made snow. I would love to ski with you at Mt Holly.
    Caberfae does have a jump set up on the trail going to the South Peak just beyond the North Peak quad
  • Nice Bittersweet pictures!
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