Where did I ski 2/5/18? - (Answer-Prospect Mountain, VT)

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Where did I ski today?
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  • Not Hogback
  • Looks like prospect xc??
  • MrMagic got it - trip report to be posted. You guys are good!

  • I dunno but I'm sure ibrake will recognize the t
    Don't they have earn your turns now at Dutch?
  • Ok Jeremy please be a good example and insert Prospect cross country or xc into title of thread so people know it's solved. Pretty please thank you very much
    Ok ski_it now tell me to go # salt⛷⛷

    Ok for those who don't know where Prospect xc is, near Dutch Hill , southern Vt?
  • Yes, relatively near Dutch Hill (20-25min). The owner of Prospect, Steve Witham, was the manager at Dutch Hill before it closed. There were quite a few Dutch Hill posters throughout the lodge.

    I'll have more in a report at some point soon - but Prospect is a gem, and very unique case of an active Nordic center with backcountry/telemark downhill trails from the former alpine ski area that are well maintained. One of the Nordic trails/slopes is the former rope tow beginner slope, as you can see in one of my pictures, with the lost rope tow. As it was groomed yesterday, it was a small taste of skiing Prospect when it was an alpine area, with a slope easy enough for my xc skis.
  • Are the Doppelmayr t-bars still able to run?

  • Are the Doppelmayr t-bars still able to run?


    No, they haven't run since 1990.
    - Sam
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