Ridge T-bar at Belleayre

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Does anybody remember the T-bar that ran along the summit ridge at Belleayre to the top of what is now the Tomahawk? I'm just curious what brand it was.

1999 trail map that shows it


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    I thought it was a rope tow.
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    I believe the old t-bars at Belleayre were Borvigs. That sound about right?

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    Don't know the manufacturer but remember riding this from where the triple drops you across the top ridge to near the current summit of the Tomahawk .  I wish they kept this in operation as It helped you avoid crossing flat terrain.  They also had another older t-bar near Seneca, I believe which went up the hill 2/3rds or so of the way to about where the slopes mellow out and change from black diamonds to blue squares.  Many traces and remains of the "Seneca" t-bar are still visible, or at least they were last season.   I do not believe that any traces of the summit crossing t-bar remain.  Many years back there was also a beginners area t-bar just below the main lodge, I believe.  Haven't been to Belleayre this year yet but am hoping to get there to ride the new gondola.
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