Locals "shocked" that you drove xx hours to ski



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    NELSAP said:

    Jonni, did you really leave LSC at say 6am, go to Mt. Snow, and then get back in time for class, all in the same day?

    For Mount Snow I left at around 5am. Stopped for breakfast in White River Junction, gas right before getting to the mountain, and made it for first chair at 9am. Skied straight until 12:30/12:45ish and drove non-stop back to LSC. The two or three days I did that I was walking into my class at 4:30 on the dot with no time to spare. :)

    There was one day that I ended up leaving from Sunapee early in the morning cutting the trip in half, so that helped.
  • NELSAP said:

    I'm wondering what kind of reaction we'll get when next week we're skiing at a 400' vertical, one chairlift area in Quebec..."You came all the way from Saratoga to ski here?!?!?"

    I suspect if it was a day-trip or if that was the only place you were skiing, that would be a reasonable reaction.  The fact that it is part of a multi-day trip makes it pretty normal among those wanting to check off the "skied that place" box.  That's how I got to the now lost, Mont Joye and Mont Hibou.
  • Jonni, that takes the cake!
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