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Boyne Resorts’ Michigan Properties Fully Implement New Energy Efficient Snowmaking Technology

Creating the World’s Most Energy Efficient Marginal Temperature Snowmaking System.

This winter, Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls, and Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs, are rolling out a significant enhancement to the proprietary Boyne Low-E fan guns that makes the fleet the most energy efficient marginal temperature snowmaking system in the world. This breakthrough in technology slashes energy usage by over 50% from already industry leading levels. The energy savings during a normal snowmaking session would be the equivalent of powering 30,000 100-watt lightbulbs. 

“The full implementation of this new technology not only drastically cuts our energy consumption, it also has been confirmed to improve the already industry leading quality level by making our snow even drier than the previous technology creating the opportunity for even higher quality snow surfaces,” said Stephen Kircher, president of Boyne Resorts. “I am so proud of what the team has accomplished in creating this milestone of efficiency and how this truly is an example of the holy grail of energy sustainability efforts, significantly lowering our carbon footprint while improving the guest experience”

The resorts first began testing the new nozzle prototypes in 2015 on two of the resorts’ most popular runs to confirm the energy savings and quality improvements. For the 2017/18 season, the resorts have fully implemented the design enhancement on more than 460 snow guns. 

The composition of the proprietary Boyne Low-E fan gun was created by Boyne Resorts’ Michigan based team in conjunction with the world's leading snow gun manufacturer, SMI of Midland, Michigan. 


  • Nubs still blows em away
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    What's all the hubub of Boyne guns?  If the Boyne low-E guns are so good, why do only Boyne ski areas use them?  Herman K Dupree at Seven Springs made a masterful gun, then established HKD and rapidly sold them and derrivatives of the design to his competitors.

    The ones in New England all require air in addition to electricity for the fan. That pretty much cuts the advantage of fan guns (not needing a central air plant and all the needed piping).
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    They require air, which is supplied 99% of the time by an on board compressor, not hill air. All they require is water and 3P/480V. No difference between fan guns in NE vs elsewhere except subtle power requirements.
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