Sugarbush new opening direction?

lotsoskiinglotsoskiing expert
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Guns all over Spring Fling. Could be they will open Valley House with Snowball/SF as opening day trails, rather than just the usual connector from the base of Heaven's Gate? Upper trails also look well covered so far. Have never seen them hit SB/SF this early.


  • mtsnow123mtsnow123 advanced
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    Good point! I know they usually hammer Heaven's Gate area so you can download/upload on Super Bravo. My guess is they see a big enough snowmaking window and want to get a larger opening. My two cents is that lapping spring fling from Valley House quad is way more fun than lower Downspout to Coffee Run. The latter is flat and very narrow
  • obienickobienick expert
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    I too think it probably has to do with the window. We don't really see this long and this good of a window this early in the season.
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