T-bar Construction Race

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I posted a full article under Waterville yesterday, perhaps we can have some fun 'betting on a race'.

Do we have a T-bar construction race in New England! Burk, Whaleback and late comers Saddleback and Waterville are in the game. Sunday River (and Gould) have handed in their cards and plan to build next year.
The video on ropeways (same as WV site) says the High Country double is under going regular pre-season prep. Hum??

Here's my guess on order of finish:
1. Burke
2. Whaleback
3. Saddleback
4. Waterville


  • ciscokidciscokid expert
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    Why no wonder Ibrake4tbars is so whelmed up for this upcoming season and I get to enjoy the exuberant contributor in January such a great time anticipated
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    The private owner of High Pond VT is putting in a new Leitner Poma T-bar. Now thats some nice spare change.
  • obienickobienick expert
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    What does a new one go for these days? We see used ones go for $100-150k
  • newpylongnewpylong expert
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    $350K+ for a new shorty like 1500 length.
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