Ski Magazine's 2017 List of the top 20 Areas in the East



  • JMaul said:

    ciscokid said:

    JMaul so why do we not get invitations to this timeshare be I am born and raised in New Jersey I should be grandfathered in what's the matter for you

    My wife says she don't like you..... \:D/
    My wife always blames me for everything, that's why we've been married 35 years

    I can understand if you don't like me but what did I ever do to your wife?
  • There is so much subjectivity to these lists that I think the top 10 could have been completely randomized and we could have the same debate.  

    On a slightly related note, the Ski Vermont 3 and 5 passes went on sale today:

  • As a Smuggs lover, I am a bit disappointed by the top billing. I think we all want to see our favorite areas respected. But I don't think any of us want to see our favorite areas topping the publicity charts...

  • One place in would like to see get some love is Gore. its the red headed stepchild of ORDA. The investments at the ski bowl fell through, but it keeps on keeping on. Lake Placid elites might have something to do with that, hey here's a tin foil hat for you too.
  • obienick said:

    Maybe it was Snowshoe. I do recall some southern area routinely getting on the lists in that era.

    The lists are maningless anyways. It's all about advertising dollars.
    it was the shoe.  i think they peaked at like #16 but i guess their ad dollars are going somewhere else now :)  geographically snowshoe is barely southern, but definitely has that clientele.
    wintergreen is much smaller and has 1/8 the snowfall, they don't really compete.

    I have the feeling the editors intentionally churn the lists so people will buy the magazine. I would rather just see a nice round up of real (or fake) news about each resort in the area.   
  • The ranking to me that always shows how crap this list is is the placement of Stratton, Okemo, and Mount Snow.  All three of those ski areas are very similar and target similar clientele.  It makes no sense then that Mount Snow is 3, Okemo is 9, and Stratton is 15.  
  • It's all about who bothers to fill out the form. My guess is that a concerted effort could put any one on top. To prove the point, perhaps Kissing Bridge should be nominated to be #1--- just to see how much influence a voter can have even in this field. 
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