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    I'm more than happy to ride a fixed-grip lift with no line when there's over a 5-minute line on the high-speed. That certainly applies to the Sundance, but I've only ridden it twice because all the other times it hasn't been running - and all those were on weekends!
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    Having many HSQ's spread out over a wide base area should help reduce lines everywhere on busy weekends and holidays. Its up to the likes of us to figure out the best parking, boot up spots, loading places and powder/corduroy stashes and then keep them secret.

    With 500 housing units at Sundance it is in everyone's best interest to give them a great experience out the door.
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    Dropped by Mount Snow yesterday, Friday the 13th. Carinthia base area had a lot of 'stuff' &  vehicles spread around the parking lots. They should be able to clean it up for parking this winter. The new base lodge is coming along, it looks like much of the first level concrete work is done. They should be able to grade around it before the lifts open. Handle Road is all freshly paved, there is virtually no sign that a 24" pipe was installed... very neat work.

    The new pump building at Carinthia looks attractive. Its in a New England barn motif and just needs a few cows mulling around to complete the image. There are still some pipes lying about; mostly it looks like snowmaking readiness is  complete with some clean-up remaining.

    From the summit there were only limited views of Long John. What I could see had been graded, seeded, had new grass growing and was lined with new snow towers. It is definitely wide enough to get around slower skiers and groups now.

    Leaf colors are getting more muted from the top but are holding on lower down. Strange fall there are still a lot of green maples lower down.

    About 40 days from hoped for opening day things look pretty good. 
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