Wildcat Sunday 4/9/2017

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Wildcat Sunday 4/9/2017. When we got into the lodge we learned we missed seeing a moose on Rt 16 probably while we were looking for moose near Black.
Sunny, light wind, visibility excellent, 44 base, 33 summit in the morning, 48 base 40 summit at 2pm. 48 of 48 trails open. There was one long lift line early but most of the time it was a couple minute wait.
The day started out firm but with the groomed trails skiing nicely. The ungroomed were frozen and unskiable in the morning. The lower mountain thawed first and by 1pm everything was in play. The coverage was excellent. Upper Wildcat was awesome. Soft spring ego bumps were all over the place. The Chute, Al's Folly, Panther & others were sweet. I even romped thru a glade. This was one of a handful of time I've seen Lift Lion open from the top. Top Cat should have been open from the top but wasn't. Some people went over the ropes. I cut in high from Lift Lion. Black Cat was great at the end of the day especially below Catwalk.
This was one of my best days ever at Wildcat as the spring conditions were phenomenal .imageimageimageimageimage
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3264 x 2448 - 2M
3264 x 2448 - 2M
3264 x 2448 - 2M
3264 x 2448 - 2M


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    You stink
    No ,good for you
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    looks awesome!
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    (drool) :D
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    Skied Wildcat Thursday, Friday and Saturday (April 13,14 & 15th). After some rain on Wednesday the mountain actually got better each day as colder overnight weather & grooming efforts aimed at the weekend firmed up surfaces & bare spots were repaired from whales of stored snow.

    Main trails Lynx, Catapult, Polecat, Mid & Lower Wildcat, Cat Track & some smaller ones Alley Cat, Bob Cat, Wild Kitten... were groomed and had major build-ups of snow that should last for a while barring blow torch weather. The lifts (Summit & Beginner) were opening a little early, first tracks on the upper 2/3rds of the hill were firm each day but the surface quickly broke up into a little powder that slowly softened throughout the day. Lower sections started frozen granular but broke down into skiable soft stuff by 11-12.

    It is interesting to watch the snowmaking at Wildcat, each year since the new pipes pumps & guns have gone in their team has done a better job of being prepared for spring, this year they pegged it. Middle Catapult has really good cover on it for the first time, Polecat is there for the beginners & there is enough banked snow for quick recovery from rain damage. Nice job guys!

    With some cooperation from mother nature there should be a few more weeks of skiing before their planned May closure.
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    Nice report. Thank you!

    I'm thinking of going there tomorrow. How is the mogul situation there?
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    There are sections of moguls all over the hill some totally white, others more thread the needle spring type. They were all hard in the am the days I was there but loosened up under the sun... check before you dive into them. Through the day there will be a little build up of bumps on the groomers, some you ski over, others thru... hey its spring!
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