Rating the 2016-2017 Season Versus the Last 10 Years



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    I wonder how the ski areas are doing financially this year? I agree about it being inconsistent, and the cost of extra snowmaking, but, the holiday weeks/weekends seemed to be big money makers as opposed to washouts.
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    ski_it said:

    It can't be a good year if I have more days than Riverc0il. But he he has more pow days for sure.

    Of my ski days this season, they were almost all powder days and the majority of those are the boot to knee deep variety and quite a few deeper than that. So maybe not a lot of days for me this season, but the days I have skied have been amazing. Another foot of fresh at Smuggs yesterday on top of what they already had from the previous two days, absolutely unreal.

    And so few people enjoying it. I could understand Wednesday, maybe people were still digging out... but Thursday also dead and nearly ski on the lifts? After the biggest storm since VDay 07? I wonder if people will even come out this weekend? Or maybe getting drunk tonight is more important than cleaning up the leftovers...

    I'd be out there again today but I am pretty sore from the past two days. rickbolger says "how quickly we forget" but if you look back to my previous comments before the store, I believe I previously stated the season was already well above average due to the quality of good days in between the melt downs. 

    I guess this season can be summed up in that it was an almost epic season (with many epic days) for those that ski when it is good and don't ski or don't care to ski when it is bad and an atrocious season for those who are locked into weekends/holidays (though Christmas week was stellar) and want consistent snow all the time and don't care or aren't passionate about powder skiing, and for those that value quantity at a consistent but not epic level.
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    Now hold on a second, "mediocre" and "lame" may be understatements, "atrocious" is far too harsh!  Yes we had thunderstorms, tornadoes, 70 degrees and hurricanes...BUT we didn't have locusts.  THAT would be atrocious.

    Seriously now, even as someone who fits in to the "mostly weekends" I really don't want to complain, I've had close to 20 days so far here and there east and west, plus four days XC in New Jersey so no complaints.  Just comparing.

    And BTW I would be passionate about powder, if I had the skills to ski it!  
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    I skied at Sunday River last Friday and then Wachusett yesterday.  Both experiences were stellar and considering it is mid March, I'd suggest this season's finale may end up being among the best in recent memory.  The only noteworthy warming in New England this week will be Tuesday, otherwise, cool and dry until next weekend.  This is going to lend itself to a nice extended season as the boiler plate underneath has yet to be scratched, and won't be scratched until significant warming occurs.

    I'd be happy to post a trip report and pictures from Sunday River and Wachusett if folks find it valuable. 
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